The Bottom Line: $27.00

The Look: A very regal black & silver label. Wine is a deep garnet  color with “nice” legs

Right on the Nose: Nice full aromas of blackberries, plums and milk chocolate with notes of light spice and caramel

Open and say ahh: A very nice wine with a lengthy finish that I wish could have lasted even longer. This tasty little number is a well constructed and nicely balanced wine with tannins that are soft and approachable. 14.3% alcohol

Thoughts: I would heartily recommend this wine to compliment a meal, to accent a romantic moment or to just enjoy during a casual evening. Versatility in a Cab, which can sometimes confuse, works to this wines advantage. I also see this as a wine that could be enjoyed by casual drinker as well the connoisseur as it’s complexity is not over the top. The varietal composition of this wine is Cabernet Sauvignon 94%, Cabernet Franc 4% and Petit Verdot 2% . Open a bottle soon

The Pairing: As mentioned above this is a versatile wine. Unlike some Cabernets that only feel at home along side a nice cut of steak, this bottle can stretch out and play the part of a Merlot or even a red blend. Pair this up anywhere a “big” red is in order and enjoy with my regards

89 Points