The Bottom Line: $10.99

The Look: A very French looking label, gold print meant to look like embossing. Wine is a very dark, garnet with “thin” legs

Right on the Nose: Aromas of plums, light scent of dark berries, somewhat medicinal on the nose

Open and say ahh: A very “juicy” wine with a very short finish. Flavors of ¬†possibly plums, but it’s very thin and almost watery.¬†Acidity is fair, minimal tannins and slight alcohol spiking, 13.5% alcohol

Thoughts: This is not a particularly good wine. Some wines may lack in some areas but make it up in others. For instance..not a lot of complexity, but some interesting notes and a nice long finish. This wine offers none of that, and at this price you could do so much better.

The Pairing: This might survive with a pasta dish in a heavy red sauce or lasagna type meal. As it it has that “thinness” found in many of the Italian wines, however this one is lacking in a number of other areas.

68 Points