The Bottom Line: $16.99
The Look: Fairly standard label, nice use of foil. Darker than usual Pinot color, fat legs
Right on the Nose: Aromas of raisins, prunes, sour cherries, Welch’s grape jelly
Open and say ahh: Sweet on the palate, good long length with an extended finish. Flavors of tart cherries and sweet plums. Acidity is very nice, tannins are non-existent and absolutely no alcohol spiking, 12.5% alcohol

Thoughts: A wine that I would like to say nice things about, but just can’t.  What appeared to be an interesting Pinot, with high residual sugars and a heavier than average feel made me feel hopeful for this one. But the nice long finish and what appeared to be unique traits, translated into a somewhat dull experience. This unfortunately, is not a wine worth dropping 17 bones for.

The Pairing: This does not carry well as a wine for a meal. I’m thinking a cheese platter or perhaps a dish of chocolates. The sweetness of this wine would compete with many dishes.

81 Points